Motorbike – You can rent a scooter in El Nido town and drive on your own to the Twin Beaches. The prices for a scooter in El Nido is about PHP500 to PHP700 per day,  so make sure you bargain!


Tricycle – We can organise a pick up service from the bus terminal in El Nido Town or in the accommodation you are staying at for:

PHP600 for 1 person

PHP700 for 2 person

PHP900 for 3 people


Please note that pick up services during nighttime will cost more. For more information, call us on +639157828323.


There are signs leading to the hostel, but make sure you don't pass the Tourist Registration post - that means you have gone too far.


Our check in time is 2PM and check out time is 11AM. Upon arrival, valid photo identification (passport) is required. We only accept cash upon arrival.


To make a change to your reservation, please contact the hostel at least 24 hours prior to your arrival date to avoid making your booking void:




Please ensure that you receive a verbal or email confirmation regarding any changes you have made to your booking to ensure that your request went through.


What is a hostel?

Hostels provide short term accommodation to travelers, particularly encouraging outdoor activities and cultural exchange for the young. In a hostel guests rent a bed (sometimes a bunk bed) in a dormitory and share bathroom, kitchen, and lounge rooms. Private rooms are often available. The main benefit of a hostel is that one gets to meet other travelers from all over the world. Hostels are usually less formal and less expensive than hotels. They are most frequently used by young travelers. Hostels provide great opportunity for multi-cultural enlightenment. There is more interaction between the guests than in traditional hotels.